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Google My Business Marketing

Google My Business is the most powerful SEO strategy that local small businesses can focus on.

Web Design

The more polished your website is, the more credibility you will have with consumers.

Digital Marketing

A 2008 SEO strategy is not going to help you in 2024. Make sure your SEO strategy is up-to-date.

Brand Identity

The better your brand looks, the more credible you look in the consumer's eye.  

Content Creation

Content will help you reach out and touch your clients and prospects. More is always better. 

Marketing Strategy

Implementing the right marketing strategy at the right time is the key to success. 

Email Campaigns

Email campaigns help generate new sales and will help you get existing clients to buy more.

Marketing Automation

Set-it and forget-it is the key to successful marketing. Every marketing effort needs to be automated. 

Social Media

As your content goes up on your social media platforms, your visibiliby increases.

Only time-tested, proven marketing strategies implemented

Businesses that persist in trying new, untested marketing strategies and techniques are reinventing the wheel, rather than using proven best practices. They face a steep learning curve with the potential outcome of a failed business. Yes, eventually, they may have success, but at what cost? And at what risk?

Be assured that Taverit Marketing bases all its marketing systems, techniques, strategies, and efforts on research and best practices. There is no “spit-balling” or “shooting-from-the-hip.” When it comes to your marketing dollars and how they are spent, be assured, Taverit Marketing spends them exactly where they should be spent so your business grows and becomes more profitable.

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